Friday, April 13, 2012

Everyday Items and How to Meet Your Local SWAT Team.

Across the news every once in awhile, we see the "Man With A Gun"(MWAG) news stories. Most of them, however, end up being the local sheeple becoming scared at an inanimate object that they think is another "scary" inanimate object. Usually, I just sit there and laugh. The latest incident (that I am aware of at least) happened while I had decided to encourage the evil empire, and went shopping at my local Wally World in Danvers, MA. As I was checking out with the crap I bought (which thankfully included a big bag of popcorn and a bottle of Mt. Dew), I notice multiple LEOs walking around the store, more than one carrying AR-15s in low ready, with "real" magazines, as opposed to the paltry 10 rounders that the "subjects" in the People's Republic are allowed to possess. I proceeded outside, where there was a sea of flashing blue lights. I got into my car, and proceeded to break out the popcorn and soda, as this was getting good (And I figured I'd sit back and watch the ensuing hilarity). Long story short, the MWAG was just a guy with a can of car wax. FUCKING CAR WAX!!!! I had heard that it might've rained Tuesday. Thank god I didn't bring my umbrella. I did have my cell phone (an iPhone 4 in an Otterbox Defender for those of you who might be wondering) in my front pocket, with my wallet in the usual back right pocket. That way, it's less conspicuous than if I were to be carrying a purse over my shoulder. I'm just thankful that the fuzz didn't check to see if the pool cue in the trunk was contained in a locked container, as opposed to disassembled and held together by a few rubber bands. That, and that the soda hasn't made me dependent on an insulin pump.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Will Mumbles Ban Next?

Mayor Thomas M. Menino is blaming widespread brawling and wilding at a free city-sponsored weekend rap concert on hordes of “kids from suburbia” who unexpectedly came out en masse to party with Pittsburgh hip-hop phenom Mac Miller.

“Most of them . . . were kids from suburbia,” Menino told the Herald of the estimated 40,000 who packed City Hall Plaza for Saturday’s free rap show. “The crowd, after the concert broke up, got very unruly as they went to the different transit stations in the neighborhood. It was a crowd that moved in surges.”

The rest of the story can be viewed on the Boston Herald's site here:

Menino blames rap melee on burb thugs

After a rap concert in city hall plaza, a fight breaks out......What a surprise. I wonder if the results would be similar if they had a higher police presence. Also, my memory, and a cursory search of google, fails to bring up a case of a rap concert at the Comcast Center in Mansfield(about as "suburban" as you can get in MA) having A comparable melee after their rap concerts.

Funny thing is that what Menino fails to mention is that the reason it was “kids from suburbia” is that the city kids were too busy shooting and stabbing each other. And even if all the kids were just sitting on their front steps enjoying a wholesome glass of milk, and suddenly decided to attend this fine musical performance, most would be unable to. Seeing as all the city kids are such fine upstanding citizens just trying to turn their life around, they wouldn't be able to make it.......Menino already banned scooters.

And if any of the kids were to ignore this, drink those powerful "two beers", and decide to try to run down one of our fine boys in blue on their evil verboten scooters, rest assured, even Kanye "I'mma let you finish" West and Jay-Z would be too busy laughing their asses of to "honor him" with a mention in a song.

Back to the main topic though. If Mumbles is reading this (which i sincerely doubt, as I haven't had my door knocked in by SWAT who then shoot my cat) I propose banning rap concerts. Because something that would turn such a large number of law abiding and otherwise upstanding citizens into rioting maniacs, then such things must be banned COUNTLESS EXAMPLES TO THE CONTRARY BE DAMNED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A wayward NY Yankees Shirt accidentally got caught between a log and a few hundred rounds of ammo.

One minor setback courtesy of a well placed 10/22 magazine

Northeast Bloggershoot 2011

After quite a hiatus, I have returned to my irregularly scheduled ramblings. I would like to extend my thanks to all of the people I have either just met earlier today, or had gotten reacquainted with. You were all nice enough to let me put rounds down range through your firearms, and taking the time to answer any questions I may have had. Fun times were had by all. And considering all the full auto, the evil black rifles, the hand held metal thingys that go boom, there was not a single murderous rampage, nor were there any "gun deaths". maybe a few scrapes here and there. I managed to get a nice bruise on my leg from one of JayG's 30 round 10/22 magazines dropping when I tried to rapid fire with 2 of them coupled together. O well, just finished emptying the first one, then loaded the second one and attained vengeance against the evil UN gorilla. I will definitely be attending next year, and hope to have a few toys of my own to bring.

Monday, May 16, 2011

MArooned: It's A Major Award!

For those of you that have stumbled onto my blog for whatever reason, be it from clicking the "Next Blog" link at the top of the page, accidentally clicked onto a link from the odd google search, or I actually have readers and am not just babbling into cyberspace, please check out this post over @ MArooned. JayG over there puts up a good mix of politics, gunny news, some cool gun pr0n, and my personal favorite, runs a tally that he affectionately refers to as the Dead Goblin Count(DGC). Basically a tally of successful, legal self-defense shootings that result in one less member of the criminal element. While his blog is a strong recommendation for anyone looking for information on various firearms topics, it is a must-read for the entertainment value alone(especially for anyone in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, or as JayG puts it, the VolksRepublic)

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MArooned: It's A Major Award!
The Red Sox won tonight’s game, finally reaching the .500 mark.
Just got home from going out with a friend and his fiancee. If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy that which is Buffalo Wild Wings in Saugus, MA (Rte 1 South, in the Kmart Plaza) I could not recommend it enough. The atmosphere is well above average for the area. In most places, they MIGHT have had the Red Sox-Yankees game, the Vancouver-Sharks game, and the Heat-Bulls game. Good luck getting a good view of more than one without torquing your neck. Both the number of TVs present, as well as their placement allows for a good view of all three of the games on (Audio was on for the Sox, and was surprisingly high enough you could actually hear the announcers). The food was of a considerably higher quality than our former Sunday night spot, Hooters in Saugus, for about 20-30% less money. Combine that, the superior service, and the fact that Buffalo Wild Wings is opening a location in Danvers, I don’t give Hooters more than another year or two before business dries up. It is kind of hard for it not too. After a while, the “appeal” wears off, and people, given a competitor with superior service and prices, will vote with their wallets and go elsewhere.
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