Monday, May 16, 2011

The Red Sox won tonight’s game, finally reaching the .500 mark.
Just got home from going out with a friend and his fiancee. If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy that which is Buffalo Wild Wings in Saugus, MA (Rte 1 South, in the Kmart Plaza) I could not recommend it enough. The atmosphere is well above average for the area. In most places, they MIGHT have had the Red Sox-Yankees game, the Vancouver-Sharks game, and the Heat-Bulls game. Good luck getting a good view of more than one without torquing your neck. Both the number of TVs present, as well as their placement allows for a good view of all three of the games on (Audio was on for the Sox, and was surprisingly high enough you could actually hear the announcers). The food was of a considerably higher quality than our former Sunday night spot, Hooters in Saugus, for about 20-30% less money. Combine that, the superior service, and the fact that Buffalo Wild Wings is opening a location in Danvers, I don’t give Hooters more than another year or two before business dries up. It is kind of hard for it not too. After a while, the “appeal” wears off, and people, given a competitor with superior service and prices, will vote with their wallets and go elsewhere.
*Band-Aid Bandit

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