Friday, April 13, 2012

Everyday Items and How to Meet Your Local SWAT Team.

Across the news every once in awhile, we see the "Man With A Gun"(MWAG) news stories. Most of them, however, end up being the local sheeple becoming scared at an inanimate object that they think is another "scary" inanimate object. Usually, I just sit there and laugh. The latest incident (that I am aware of at least) happened while I had decided to encourage the evil empire, and went shopping at my local Wally World in Danvers, MA. As I was checking out with the crap I bought (which thankfully included a big bag of popcorn and a bottle of Mt. Dew), I notice multiple LEOs walking around the store, more than one carrying AR-15s in low ready, with "real" magazines, as opposed to the paltry 10 rounders that the "subjects" in the People's Republic are allowed to possess. I proceeded outside, where there was a sea of flashing blue lights. I got into my car, and proceeded to break out the popcorn and soda, as this was getting good (And I figured I'd sit back and watch the ensuing hilarity). Long story short, the MWAG was just a guy with a can of car wax. FUCKING CAR WAX!!!! I had heard that it might've rained Tuesday. Thank god I didn't bring my umbrella. I did have my cell phone (an iPhone 4 in an Otterbox Defender for those of you who might be wondering) in my front pocket, with my wallet in the usual back right pocket. That way, it's less conspicuous than if I were to be carrying a purse over my shoulder. I'm just thankful that the fuzz didn't check to see if the pool cue in the trunk was contained in a locked container, as opposed to disassembled and held together by a few rubber bands. That, and that the soda hasn't made me dependent on an insulin pump.

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