Sunday, August 7, 2011

Northeast Bloggershoot 2011

After quite a hiatus, I have returned to my irregularly scheduled ramblings. I would like to extend my thanks to all of the people I have either just met earlier today, or had gotten reacquainted with. You were all nice enough to let me put rounds down range through your firearms, and taking the time to answer any questions I may have had. Fun times were had by all. And considering all the full auto, the evil black rifles, the hand held metal thingys that go boom, there was not a single murderous rampage, nor were there any "gun deaths". maybe a few scrapes here and there. I managed to get a nice bruise on my leg from one of JayG's 30 round 10/22 magazines dropping when I tried to rapid fire with 2 of them coupled together. O well, just finished emptying the first one, then loaded the second one and attained vengeance against the evil UN gorilla. I will definitely be attending next year, and hope to have a few toys of my own to bring.


  1. Know anybody who can make a rug from a stuffed gorilla skin?
    I know where you can get one...

  2. Too bad you don't have any Klishnakitty bandaids :-) That DOES look a bit painful! It was nice to meet you and enjoyed shooting with ya!

  3. bag of ice saran wrapped around knee and a few friends made it all better. Most of the friends' names were Johhnny and Jim, and a friend or two with the initials A.F and H.U