Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thoughts on the almost government shut down

People see all sorts of random "post this on your (facebook)status for one hour" chain messages that go around, but never actually make a difference. Well here's one message that, if enough people post it, will make a difference. If the 2008 and 2010 elections have taught us anything, it's the following. The politicians (both Democrat and Republican) will tell all the sheeple whatever it takes to get votes, but in the end it is business as usual with the petty political squabbles, and contests of who can waste the taxpayer's money in the most idiotic way possible. One side via the various "welfare" programs that has turned this country into a group of people unable to be self-sufficient, and only able to survive on the government dole. The other side with various government subsidies that supposedly are going to jumpstart the economy, but only end up enriching those that are already rich beyond all imagination. Both sides' agendas continue to be carried out at the expense of the working man. Well, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! It is time to put a limit on all welfare programs. If after 1 year you have not done so much as flip burgers at BK or McDonalds, tough luck. Oh, and you have to pass random drug tests, just like the rest of the people that actually work for their money. 1 positive test=rehab and a reduction in aid and mandatory weekly testing. 2nd positive test within 6 months=Mandatory revocation of all aid. And for those of you that think I may be biased, there should be a limit on government subsidies of corporations. They should be directly proportional to the % of the jobs in a company are in the USA, as well as the mean wages for said jobs, with the exception of the company elite. If you take too many jobs overseas, or cut pay/lay off too may people=bye bye government subsidies and tax breaks. Also, the 27th Amendment to the Constitution should be amended to affect that in the event the government "shuts down", there will be NO STOPPAGE OR REDUCTION IN PAY for the armed forces. If anything, each congress member and the President should be fined $2500 per day of the shut down. Also, any increase in pay for politicians should automatically trigger an increase in pay of an equal percentage to all military personnel. Now I realize this is really long for a status, but if we have learned one thing from the media, it is that social networking sites are being utilized by the politicians, and that they take notice of their constituents' views and opinions. Let's see as many people as possible repost this for at least 1 hour, and let the politicians in Washington know that they have been warned. Put the bull shit partisan politics aside and smarten up, or it will be THEIR turn to be in the unemployment line.

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